Help, I’m suffering from eco-anxiety !

 » The entire planet is living its hottest summer ever since year 0″ Le Monde, 24th July 2019

 » The forests in Alaska and in Canada are burning a little bit more everyday »

« The ice cap is reducing from 13.4% every year » National Climate Change, 2017

« 1/4 of the coral reef has been destroyed and will never come back » WWF

« In 5 years, there will be more plastic than fishes in the entire ocean »

 » We only have 11 years left to fight against climate [crisis] change » GIEC report, 2019 

All these incredibly horrible news have been destroying me and my hopes for the last few months.

My only thoughts about all of this is « HOW? »
« How can we still live in this society and why are we not trying to change anything? » « How is it possible to think that the ecologic activist Greta Thunberg is ‘extreme’, ‘just a kid’ and ‘why should we listen to her ?’
« How did we arrive at this point ? »
« How is it possible to buy so much plastic in 2019? »

Oh yes, sorry, this is 2019. The Planet Earth has been through so many events, natural disaster, bombs coming from space, but will it be us – little humans, who have been living here for only a few decades – that are going to kill this incredible Planet ?

eco anxiety

I keep wondering, how is it possible to think that the way we consume, buy and live, does NOT affect the climate ?

I have created an Instagram dedicated to Climate Change showing people how they can make a little (or very big) difference. I have stopped eating meat because it consumes too much water. I have done 52 hours of train to come back from Sweden because I did not want to pollute by taking the plane. I have bought steel bottles, steel straws, bamboo toothbrush, glass containers, cotton bags, clothes from second hand shops. I have been fighting with my family for them to recycle. I have been washing my hair only twice a week to save water (bonus for the Planet AND my hair to be honest) I have tried not to use my car by using an electric scooter or my bike. I have been showing my friends, family and everybody I could around me that you have to think of the Planet before thinking of your own personal comfort.

But why ? Why am I doing all this meanwhile others don’t give a sh*t of what is happening at the moment. Why am I using all my energy, time and voice for deaf and blind people. So today I am frustrated, sad and angry.
Angry towards all of these people who are stealing my future from my hands. Angry towards those who are aware of the Climate Crisis but would rather not do anything because « it’s too late », « there is nothing to do » or even worse « Planet Earth has lived way worse than this and will outlive the human species ».

My generation and those after me will have different fears than our parents and grand parents had. Today my biggest fear is to know if I will live long enough to have a job I like. Will I be able to raise a lovely family in good conditions ? Will I even be able to give birth ? Is it not the most selfish thing to do in a few years ? Giving birth to an innocent child knowing that there is not enough resources for everybody on this Earth ? Space, water, resources, electricity will actually become very rare and how do we deal with that ? We have been living in a world where drinkable water is used in our toilets. Everything is accessible very fast, very easily and sometimes very cheap. For today’s luxury, millions are suffering and dying.

My biggest fear is to know if one day, I will be able to tell my children and grand children that my family and people around me have helped Mother Earth, and helped them to have a nice, calm and pleasant life.


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