Tip n1 : Stop plastic bottles



Plastic bottles are a big issue in today’s society and there are many alternatives to replace them. 🌍

You can easily find steel or glass bottles nowadays. They are getting more and more fashionable and you can buy one anywhere.
They are indeed fashionable, but they will also keep your coffee ☕hot for 12 hours, and your water 💧 cold for 24 hours ! ❄
During a really hot summer, these bottles are our best friends ! Even if you forget it an entire day in your car, the water will still be nice and fresh (yes, I have tried it!)


1 MILLION is the number of plastic bottles that are sold every minute in the world.🌍
– In 2015, 322 MILLION TONS of plastic bottle were produced. đŸ„€
– Today, we count more that 8 MILLION TONS of plastic that end up in the ocean EVERY year. 🌊

💱Aren’t these numbers alarming ? 💱
What do you think about these numbers ? Were you even aware of this ?

How and where to find an Eco-friendly bottle ? đŸ€·đŸŒâ€â™€ïž

You can find steel glasses on the following websites; @chillysbottles , @24bottles_official , Qwetch but also in various “organic”  and loose shops such as Day by Day in several cities in France. 🍃Supermarkets are also beginning to sell some. đŸ‘đŸ»
Meanwhile, when you buy one, look carefully if there is no Bisphenol A, which is dangerous for you and the environment.


So, are you ready ? đŸ’ȘđŸ»đŸŒ Have you already bought one ? Leave me a comment and tell me if you have one !  😍

Here is a selection of bottles that my friends have bought after reading my post on Instagram ! 



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