Cider vinegar for my hair 👩🏼

Winter has been long here in Sweden and my hair needs a little boost before spring and summer. 🌼

Here is a very easy and cheap recipe to give brightness and strength to your hair 👩🏼

My hair hasn’t seen the sun in a long time and so it lost a lot of its brightness and seemed very fragile and colorless. ☀️

I am against buying new products for my hair in supermarkets filled with silicons and so many other chemicals. I wanted something easy, cheap, and with real results. That is when I saw a post on Instagram talking about the magic of « cider vinegar ». I had to try ! 💆🏼‍♀️

So I went to the store and bought this bottle of Apple Cider vinegar (2,50€!)

(Big bonus, it was in a glass bottle! Great for reusing it when it’s finished)


I found this recipe on the Instagram page of « girl_go_green ». (If you want really good tips and lots of nice recipes go and check her Instagram account 👍🏻)


This magic potion is composed of two ingredients (yes, as easy as that!) :

– one glass of cider vinegar
– one glass of water

How to use it ? 

After washing my hair (with my solid shampoo from Pachamamai) I applied this mix of water and vinegar on my wet hair. I put my head upside down and let the mixture 3/4 minutes to penetrate correctly. Then I rinsed with cold water in order for my hair to tighten up and for the sébum not to appear too fast.

I let my hair dry, without using the hairdryer, and here is the final result :


Tadaaaaah 🎉 !
My hair had found back it’s brightness and some of its strength. I will see on the long term how it goes but I already loved it with the first use.
For those asking, it does have a little smell of vinegar a few hours after, but nothing disturbing. Unless someone smells your hair from very near, nobody will notice anything !

Why cider vinegar ? 

Cider vinegar is used for plenty of stuff. Disinfecting, washing, cleaning and so much more! 🧼

Here it is used for vitality, brightness, reinforced hair, anti-dandruff, and against greasy hair. It takes out all the impurity and other particules on your scalp without aggressing it. 🚿
Cider vinegar will bring plenty of minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphor, potassium and magnesium. All of this will nourish your hair ! 😍

And you, have you ever tried this magic potion ? Leave a comment and tell me ! 

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