Creation of @little_green_actions

A few months ago I decided to create a new instagram account called @little_green_actions. 

Why ? 

I spend many hours on Instagram (even if I shouldn’t!) and I was thinking of a way of impacting my friends and people surrounding me on the climate change. 
Instagram was for me a good alternative to my blog. People are interested by pictures and can be more easily convinced if they see something on instagram.

One of my friends one day told me « Wow, you’re so aware of climate change and make so many efforts. You don’t have any shampoo in bottles, you don’t buy plastic bags and you seem to be so eco-friendly! I would love to be like you but being eco-friendly and a student at the same time is impossible for me! »

This is exactly what I did NOT want to hear. Changing our ways of living, eating, moving and consuming is not hard at all, we just need a little push to get started.
That is why I create posts which give you « Tips » in order to be more eco-friendly and to stop climate change. Even if you are a student, a new parent, a very busy businessman/ woman, or retired; changing your habits is not that hard !

So, are you ready to try ? Are you ready to make little efforts everyday to give a future to your children or grand children ? 

You will find all my tips and posts on this blog. I will try and keep it updated as much as possible.

Don’t hesitate and follow me on instagram !

(For those who are already following me, how do you like the account ? Is it helpful ?)




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