One month in Sweden: what have I learned ?

One month has already passed. Times flies here in Sweden, faster than anywhere else (that’s a good sign!)
But what have I learned ? What have I discovered ? What is different from my home country ?


First of all, I have learnt to live by myself. I was a bit afraid of this at the beginning, but living all by myself can be very pleasant sometimes. Even if I’m never completely alone (because I live in a residence for students, and in my corridor there are only Erasmus students and we share a kitchen) being alone and having some time for myself is great.

I have also learned that Swedish people aren’t rude, they are just very, very, shy. If ever you go to Sweden, don’t be surprised if they don’t say « Hi » (or more « Hej »!) to you. They are shy and as my Swedish teacher told me, they like to have their own « personal space ». So if you talk to a Swedish person, don’t talk too near to his or her face. They will get scared.

Sweden is a place filled with calm and serenity. These huge hectares of forest surrounding me is what I love the most. You barely hear traffic, and I feel as if the air is more pure here than in France.
The walks I have done in the woods have always been such a change of scene. The photos I take aren’t representative enough of what I can see in real life.


Something else that surprised me, is that Swedes are so confident. They don’t see evil everywhere, and that is so nice. For example, bikes do not have any lockers, and nobody will ever steal your bike.
People believe what you say. For example, you have a discount for the bus card if you are under 20. If you say you are 19, nobody will ever check. They believe you and people don’t « abuse » of their authority power.

People I have met here are so nice and incredibly friendly. Most of them are internationals. They come from Italy, France, the Netherlands, Canada, Finland, Germany and so many other countries. It is so enriching to speak with people who do not come from the same place as you do. We share different cultures, different languages and different ways of living, but what we have in common is this same experience: our Erasmus in Sweden. 

I have also learned and enjoyed « Fikka« . A very pleasant moment with your friends, in a Café, drinking tea or coffee and having something to eat. They are masters of Fikka.


For the moment, I am enjoying every second of this incredible experience. (This is why I am not posting many articles, I can’t find the time to sit down in front of my computer).
Sweden has already brought me so many things in a month, and I am so excited to see how the rest of my Erasmus will go.

(Don’t forget to follow me if you want to know the rest of my incredible Erasmus!)

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  1. Mags dit :

    Great that you are so enjoying life in Sweden with Erasmus. Time does fly, especially when you are enjoying yourself.

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